• What types of Service Options to you provide? Do I need staff and if so how much?

    For simple smaller parties from La Fondita or TownLine BBQ when guests are low-maintenance and happy to lend a hand, staff may not be necessary. In those cases hot food delivery at just the right moment is all you need. If you think you just want a little help just getting the party under way but are happy to clean up yourself, then a hot-drop with buffet set-up is the perfect compromise. We’ll bring the food to your party location and platter it on your dishes and once that’s done we’ll leave you to your guests.

    For parties with a bigger guest list, any kind of hors d’oeuvres or starters and/or plated food service, full-service staffing is the only way to go. For such an event, having the proper number of servers is a MUST. Based on the information you give us we’ll work with you to come up with the proper number of staff to make sure your food is served at its optimal best and that your guests are well cared-for.

  • What equipment do you provide? What if I need rentals?

    We ourselves can provide certain serving pieces, chafers and trays for smaller parties, but larger items and higher volume items like tables, chairs, linens, plates, glasses, flatware etc. will need to be ordered from a rental company. Through our consultation process we will work with you to determine your needs and handle the rental process from start to finish.
  • What’s a captain and why do I need one?

    The captain is the person who is responsible for coordinating all staff and managing the timeline of the party. He or she is your main contact throughout the event and will be checking in with you to make sure you are completely happy. He or she is also responsible for collection of payment and will distribute tip money for you if you choose to tip.
  • What is your staff’s standard uniform?

    For all parties, our staff wears pressed khakis with black or brown leather shoes (no sneakers or other casual footwear). For formal events, staff wears long sleeved button-front shirts (with ties for men), always worn tucked in and sometimes with a long white bistro apron. For casual events, staff wears a white polo and no apron.
  • What if I want them to wear something different?

    We will not require staff to purchase clothing for individual events. If you wish your staffers to wear something other than our standard uniform, if it is something they have already (ex. jeans or black pants) then we will be happy to accommodate. If a staffer does not have a requested item, it will be the responsibility of the client to provide him/her with it or reimbursement for purchase.
  • Can I provide my own beverages?

    For any party requiring the presence of a bartender we require that you purchase from us, at a minimum, all non-alcoholic beverages, mixers and garnishes. Otherwise you are welcome do all the purchasing, preparation and set-up for your own self-service bar.
  • Where do I get ice?

    Depending on the quantity needed for the party, ice may either be purchased from us or from a distributor for delivery to the event. We will be happy to arrange for that delivery and will include the cost of it in your final bill.
  • What form of payment do you accept?

    We accept payment in the form of cash, check or credit card.
  • What’s the catering/service fee? Is it distributed as tip?

    A catering fee of 20% of the pre-tax food and beverage subtotal is added to all catered events. It is an administrative fee covering planning and meeting time, and general overhead. It is not distributed as tip.
  • Am I required to tip? What’s the going rate?

    Gratuities for good service are customary and appreciated, but no client is ever required to tip. Often clients who wish to tip are unsure as to what an appropriate amount would be. A good guideline is an average of one to two hour’s pay per on-site staffer. You are welcome to hand out tips to each staff member or give a lump sum to the captain to distribute for you.
  • Do you provide event planning services?

    Honest Catering has added day-of event coordination to its list of services. We can handle all the food and service and help you choose rentals to create the right look for your party. We can also connect you with florists, tents and other service providers you may need. You meet independently and contract with them and then turn them over to us to coordinate and oversee delivery and set-up. Fees for this service vary by event.
  • I want a tent for my party. Who handles that?

    We have tent companies we’ve worked with for years and are happy to connect you with them. We will attend on-site consultations and once the design has been agreed upon you will deal directly with the company on contracting and payment details. We will make sure we coordinate with them on set-up and breakdown.
  • What should I consider if I want my party on the beach?

    Beach parties are fun and romantic and seem to typify summers in the Hamptons. Planning a beach party, however, is a bit more involved than planning one on dry land. Here are the following things to consider when deciding on a beach party.

    For large parties on the beach (and even on private property for that matter), clients are required to obtain a mass gathering permit from the Town of East Hampton or Southampton depending on location. Depending on which beach, additional permitting may be required by the Department of Parks and Recreation, Fire Marshall, and Village Trustees.

    For most current details about which permits are required and restrictions on lighting, sound and tenting please contact the appropriate township: Town of East Hampton at 631.324.4141 or Town of Southampton at 631.283.6000.

    Any party planned for the beach should have available a viable back-up location that can accommodate your guests in case of inclement weather. We regret that we cannot guarantee rain dates.

    Parties on the beach tend to cost more than parties in other locations due to the increase in labor needs for the event. There also tend to be greater rental needs and those rentals incur higher delivery and pick-up fees.

    Parking opens up to the public at 6PM. And four-wheel drive vehicles are permitted on the beach only after 6PM. That means that with the time needed to set-up, most parties cannot start until 7:30 or later.